Why Seoul?

Why Seoul?

Speedy & Effective

Unparalleled speed and cost-effectiveness to other arbitral institutions even in complex international disputes

  • Average duration of 200 days in cases administered by KCAB
  • Considerably lower costs of proceedings compared to other arbitral institutions

Excellent Facilities

Excellent hearing facilities at Seoul IDRC operated by KCAB  

Outstanding Support

Outstanding governmental support for the arbitration industry, evidenced by the Arbitration Promotion Act, effective from 2017

Unique Location

Unique location as a Northeast Asian hub close to the region’s largest economies

  • 1 hour from Incheon International Airport, directly connected to City Airport
  • Within walking distance from premium hotels, COEX convention center and fine-dining restaurants

Leading experts

Enlisted with leading experts and professionals in Korea with abundant experience and expertise in international dispute resolution.

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