Q1.About Seoul IDRC

Seoul IDRC, KCAB and KCAB INTERNATIONAL all operate under the name of KCAB. Founded in 1966, KCAB is the sole arbitral institution in Korea. KCAB administers arbitration cases and operates Seoul IDRC to provide hearing facilities for its users. International cases at KCAB are administered by KCAB INTERNATIONAL, a newly launched, independent division that specializes in handling cross-border disputes and promoting KCAB overseas.
Yes. Upon agreement by the respective parties and arbitrators, hearings can be held at Seoul IDRC regardless of the administrative organization, arbitration rules and seat.
No, Seoul IDRC does not administer cases. It offers hearing facilities for arbitral proceedings and engages in promotional activities such as holding and sponsoring arbitration-related events to provide general support for arbitration in Korea.
Seoul IDRC does not recommend arbitrators. However, a list of world-renowned arbitrators registered at KCAB INTERNATIONAL is available [here].

Q2.About Our Services

Yes, Seoul IDRC offers its facilities not only for hearings but also for other purposes including seminars and meetings.
Parties involved must reach an agreement on payment arrangements and notify us accordingly. Seoul IDRC is not involved in the decision-making process. Once Seoul IDRC is notified by the parties on their agreement, the total amount will be charged accordingly.
We permit food and beverages in our facilities. However, please note that food waste disposal is unavailable at the center. Upon request, we provide a list of nearby restaurants that offer food delivery as well as food waste disposal. Alternatively, catering services are available at Seoul IDRC which includes ordering, delivery and waste disposal arranged by Seoul IDRC. A 20 percent service fee of the initial F&B cost is charged for the catering service.
For further information, click “Make an Inquiry” button above or contact us via email (seoulidrc@kcab.or.kr) or telephone (+82 2 551 2025).