About Seoul IDRC V-Hearings

About Seoul IDRC V-Hearings

What is Seoul IDRC V-Hearings?

The ‘V- Hearing’ is an innovative, sophisticated virtual hearing service, that provides an alternative to the regular face-to-face hearings. It facilitates a fast, stable and seamless connection for conducting ADR proceedings remotely. Seoul IDRC integrates the most advanced, cutting edge I.T. technologies and a variety of video-conferencing tools to ensure the best users’ experience. Seoul IDRC’s ‘V-Hearing’ service makes remote access simple and convenient for the participants who cannot attend hearings in person, it ensures the disputes are resolved in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Seoul IDRC takes security seriously, it’s the utmost priority to provide secure and reliable ‘V-Hearing’ services.

Hearings Security

Data Security


Seoul IDRC is equipped with the cutting-edge hardware software and devices to ensure smooth hearings for the users’ best experience.

High-tech solutions tailored for arbitration hearings

  • 2 sets of IP-based video conferencing system
  • 1 set of Web-based portable video conferencing system
  • 360-Degree panoramic view camera
  • Wireless noise-cancelling headphones

Video conferencing platforms & system

  • Zoom, Bluejeans and etc.
  • Data encryption, security verified Cloud-based storage space
  • Access up to 100 video participants
  • E-document sharing among on-site and remote connections
  • On-site / remote collaboration with external transcription & interpretation (If transcription and interpretation services are needed, please contact Seoul IDRC Secretariat for more information.)

How to use V-Hearing

The Seoul IDRC ‘V-Hearing’ system could be utilized in arbitration, mediation proceedings and for any other purposes when the users need to conduct hearings remotely. The Seoul IDRC fully provides the ‘V-Hearing’ services according to the users’ requests.



Court hearing

Webinars & Virtual events

Available for other uses


At Seoul IDRC hearing rooms

At remote venue

Web-based video conferencing platform provided by the Seoul IDRC, remote technical assistance & test run support.

Stable and High-Quality Technical Assistance